Super Glow Lure & Jig Paint

Watch a Video on how-to apply vinyl paint

One of the most highly anticipated lure finishes in the past few years, Super Glows lives up to all expectations. Imagine a paint that glows so hard you would swear it was lit from within. A paint that glows its true color up to five times brighter and twice as long as standard glow paints. More light intensity means less recharging and greater attraction in dark fishing conditions. We’ve developed Super Glows in seven top colors: White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Blue. Intensity and length of intensity vary from color to color.

The Super Glow paints are available in 4 oz., Pints, Quarts and Gallons.

Instructions on painting with CS Coatings Vinyl Paint

Color Options

Super Glow Yellow


Super Glow Green


Super Glow White


Super Glow Red


Super Glow Candy Lime


Super Glow Blue