Aluminum Clamping Rack

At the forefront of our production painting options is the all-new clamping rack that holds jigs, spinner baits and lures firmly in place from start to finish. No more reracking or extra handling is required during dipping, curing, spraying or any other detail work. Pieces are held in place by this 2-part hinged aluminum rack with a heat resistant, silicone gripping strip and a series of clips, which allow the rack to be turned in any position while fully loaded. Includes inserts to protect rack during spraying. Clamping rack will accommodate lures from 1/64 to 2 oz. in size.

Standard rack length is 16" to accommodate our 16" stainless dip tray for liquid paints. Racks can also be made to custom lengths to match your current systems and oven sizes. Custom fluid beds can also be ordered to match rack length, for the ultimate in efficiency. Clamping racks will withstand 400° F for powder paint preheating and curing. These racks do not wear out. Couple this with the savings of not having to constantly rehandle lures and you’ll find that these racks pay for themselves in no time!