Single-Dip Fluid Bed

The Single-Dip Fluid Bed (FB3) has been our most popular option for getting perfect results with powder paint. Consisting of a 3" diameter x 3" deep cup placed in a base that contains an air chamber, along with its own air pump. The FB3 suspends the powder on a column of slow moving air. The result is a beautifully thin, uniform coat of powder with every dip. A thinner coat means less wasted paint and, in most cases, will leave hook eyes unplugged.

The standard 3" cup supplied with the FB3 will accommodate jigs up to 1 1/2 oz. and other parts up to 1 1/2" long. Cups up to 10" deep are available, which will accommodate spoons and jigs up to 8" long. For best results, always use as shallow a cup as possible for the item you are painting. FB3 cups are interchangeable and available with covers, so paint can be stored right in the cup for easy color switching. Always try to operate the FB3 in areas of low humidity and keep cups filled with powder covered to avoid exposure to excess moisture. Place covered cup in a 1 gallon reclosable freezer bag, for better protection from moisture, and always store paint below 75° F for extended shelf life. A 4" diameter Single-Dip Fluid Bed is available by special order.

Instructions on how use the Single-Dip Fluid Bed