How To Apply Electreflect Candy Colors

CS Coatings Electreflect Paints are specialty colors that appear transparent yet produce dramatically brilliant fluorescent colors. Formulated with special dyes, these finishes require no mixing. The dyes are dissolved in the paint itself.

The electreflects also dry to a high gloss, reducing costs by eliminating the need for a gloss topcoat. Electreflect colors retain many of the same characteristics as the vinyl paint and can be applied using the vinyl painting process described below.


Always stir paints well before using. Avoid shaking paint to reduce the amount of air bubbles. Lures should always be coated with White Vinyl which serves as a primer and as a reflective undercoat for fluorescent colors. Electreflect Paints are manufactured to provide one coat coverage when dipping. Additional coats may be necessary if paint is thinned.

Each coat will be dry to the touch in about 15 minutes and can be recoated.

Important: When successive coats of paint are applied over a short period of time, the surface of paint "flashes off" or dries very quickly. This can trap large amounts of solvent that will require additional time to escape. To decrease drying time, hang lures in a heated area with a temperature no higher than 130 degrees.

Do not use any type of flame as a heat source for drying!

For best results, work in an area of low humidity. Vinyl paints will thicken when exposed to cold. For best consistency and coverage, apply between 70-80 degrees. For more details on the various aspects of painting, please refer to the Paint Application Tips.